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How Will My Order Be Delivered?
How Will My Order Be Delivered?
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Doobdasher delivers your product right to your doorstep!

The Doobdasher website is easy to use. You can order your favourite product, pay with E-transfer, and you’re done! The item is then sent through Xpresspost and you can expect delivery to your home within 2-3 days (weather and Canada Post dependent)

If you’re new to the scene and unsure how to get involved, the knowledgeable staff at Doobdasher invites you to try all of our available options to find your new favourite. We will double-check that the product meets the highest standards after placing your order. We vacuum seal the contents to keep odours and freshness at bay and prioritize your concerns, so your order will ship in discreet packaging to ensure it arrives at your door without drawing unwanted attention.

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